Why should you cooperate with us ?

The main technology of the adaptive supply chain of precision parts for the Swiss partner.

We are a partner of Quintiq, the world leader in advanced planning and scheduling and optimization.

Building on the experience gained in building an adaptive supply chain of precise parts for the Swiss partner, we provide professional services to organizations operating in a highly dynamic environment in the field of Deep machine Learning, Self Learning Supply Chain, Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) of manufacturing and business processes, their operational management through Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), Prescritive Maintenance and Generative Design.

With our clients, we create a partnership where we use our knowledge, especially from the field of deep machine learning and self-learning supply chains, which we combine with our partner data, their specific knowledge of the industry and market access to solve real problems.

The result is:

  • Complete review, measurement and control of operations and Key Performance Indicators (KPI) 
  • Continuous, real-time optimized plans in a dynamic environment
  • Event management in real-time, back-optimization of plans and decision support
  • Improved service, delivery times and customer satisfaction
  • Reduction of operating, warehouse, maintenance and transport costs
  • Maximize resource utilization and productivity
  • Improving the level of performance of contractual agreements

Technological progress is testing companies. The average life expectancy of the most important companies listed in the S & P 500 declined from 60 years in 1960 to less than 20 years.

Understanding the consequences of this development for business can mean the difference between prosperous and just surviving. Or between the surviving and the ending - we will help you on the prosperous side.

Experienced Team

composed of technicians and programmers who have practical experience from real projects  

Professional Services

in the field of Self-Learning Supply Chain, Machine Deep Learning, Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) of Production and Business Processes, their Operational Management through Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) and Generative Design


in the digital era of Industry 4.0 for mastering "creative destruction" by Joseph Schumpeter