We provide professional services to organizations operating in highly dynamic environments in the field of Deep Machine Learning, Self-learning Supply Chain, Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) of production and business processes, their operational management through Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), Prescriptive Maintenance and Generative Design

The result is:

  • Strategic, tactical and operational planning that meets your specific needs
  • Complete review, measurement and control of operations and Key Performance Indicators (KPI) 
  • Continuous, real-time optimized plans in a dynamic environment
  • Event management in real-time, back-optimization of plans and decision support
  • Improved service, delivery times and customer satisfaction
  • Reduction of operating, warehouse, maintenance and transport costs
  • Maximize resource utilization and productivity
  • Improving the level of performance of contractual agreements
  • Enhanced competitiveness by greater differentiation of services with more precise time slots
  • Significant shortening of the construction cycle time
  • Significant cost savings
  • Achieving a robust optimization process
  • Improving the functional properties of the product
  • Shortening trial time
  • Achieving not one optimal solution but a number of design solutions with a priority on either one property of the product or a combination of more features
  • Utilization of the potential of the Industrial Internet of Things for Digital Innovation
  • Improving the ability to monitor, analyze, and use asset data and identify, analyze,  and address potential operational problems before they occur while reducing and eliminating downtime

What is the goal of the services provided

The goal is to reduce the turbulence associated with the digital era of Industry 4.0 and Mass Customization.. 

Economic progress in capitalist society means turbulence.

- Joseph Schumpeter, 1942